With my many years of travel experiences, I have become quite the packing aficionado and have discovered ways to fit a week’s worth of traveling clothes into one carry-on suitcase and one personal bag. There are many benefits in being able to do this. The most important is that you save on airline fees for baggage (they seem to keep going up) and it makes traveling much easier when you land to get to where you’re going without fear of lost luggage.

One carry-on and one personal bag? I know, so hard to believe, right? In order to make this possible, you do have to make some sacrifices without leaving behind your absolute essentials. Having all of your Louboutins on one trip would not be defined as absolute essentials, ladies!

The overall goal you want to focus on when packing is to make sure you have enough outfits to wear to all of your outings, parties and events. You also want to make sure you are as wrinkle-free as possible (who wants to iron on vacation?) and that you have accessories to go with each one of your outfits.

To learn how to pack like a seasoned traveling fashionista, follow the 10 simple packing tips below:

1. Start by making a list of your trip. Write down what each day will entail. Even if your trip is more spur-of-the-moment and without an agenda, it helps to know how many changes you will need each day.

2. Put together outfits for each outing. Try to ‘recycle’ your basics as much as possible. For example, jeans, shorts and skirts can usually make 2 outfits. 4 pairs of shoes is usually sufficient. Opt for outfits that can (God forbid!) use the same shoes. Unless you’re traveling to Fashion Week where one cannot be photographed in the same pair of shoes twice, this should not be a problem.

3. Put your heavier items (shoes, boots) on the bottom of your suitcase.

4. Place sunglasses, socks, smaller items inside your shoes and boots.

5. Use plastic in between each layer in your suitcase. (I use the plastic from the dry cleaners). This will prevent items from wrinkling in transit because they will slide against the wrap, not allowing them to stand still long enough to crease.

6. Roll your dresses, t-shirts and blouses, placing them tightly on top of the plastic over your heavy items.

7. Use bubble wrap for any of your breakable or fragile items. Place those items snugly in between your rolled clothes.

8. Lay the waist of your pants at one of edge of the suitcase, letting the hems hang outside the suitcase. Lay the next pair of pants with its waist on the opposite edge, also letting the hems hang outside the suitcase. Continue alternating with all of your pants. Then, fold the legs of your pants all at once back into the suitcase, from the left and right sides.

9. Place your necessities, or the things you’ll need first, on top, such as pajamas and a toothbrush if you’re arriving at night.

10. Use your personal-sized bag for makeup, jewelry, books and magazines. I use my evening clutch to carry my accessories in and this usually fits inside my larger personal bag.

And there you have it! You are now stylishly ready for your trip without the hassle of checking in a bag and instead of worrying about lost luggage, your travel fun can begin.

Happy and stylish traveling,